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Baptism & Membership Class

Baptism and membership class is now open for registration. If interested, you may contact Elaine Tan for more information. 

Thinking Space: Peer Practice Workshop on Apologetics  


Ever had a friend that asked you questions, hoping to know more about the faith but you did not know how to answer? Come join us in this workshop, where we will explore these questions and practise them in a safe space: 

-    What do we believe? 
-    How can we trust what the Bible says?
-    Why is there suffering if God exists?
-    Does Christianity contradict Science?

Workshop on Addictions


Know someone who struggles with addictions but not sure how to help?

Come join us as we hear from Mr Charlie Ong, who is an expert in this area, and discover the contributing factors of common addictions and how to overcome them. 

Click here to register:

Agape Praise Dance Ministry

Dance Ministry Pulpit Publicity 1 .jpg

Dance with Flags, Streamers & Tambourines!

Date & Time:

1st & 3rd Sundays of each month, 12:45 p.m.



The Agape, Level 1, Dance room

If interested, please contact Stephanie at 9628 4566

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Outreach - Leisure Ride (Every first Saturday of the month)

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Come join in the fun!  Enjoy a relaxing leisure ride with us after a week of hard work. 

Ride into the atmosphere of relaxation as you journey on the route with like-minded companions. Why not bring along your friend to join us to get a little physical exercise and end each ride with casual fellowship over breakfast? Happening every first Saturday of the month.


Contact Sister Michelle at 9367 0053 today. 

Outreach - Ride to Share (Every Thursday)

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Agape Cyclig Group - Ride to Share
  • Need to have own bicycle

  • Cycling on the road (not pavement)

  • Total distance app. 50km

Agape Cycling Group - Ride to Share

Community Outreach


Join us as we ride down the route to share the Gospel of God’s grace in a casual setting. Ride to Share aims to encourage seekers and believers to participate in recreation, leisure, and sports activities to strengthen their spiritual, emotional, physical, and social wellbeing.


In short, “To share good times and our faith in Jesus Christ with our neighbours thru cycling”


Date: every Thursday

Time: 8pm

Meeting point: Agape Methodist church

Route: Tuas lamp post 1


For more details, please feel free to WhatsApp Michelle Teh at 93670053.

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