Service Registration Guidelines

  • Each service is capped at 50 persons

  • Registration is only via the Google Forms link provided to worshippers through the WhatsApp broadcast channel

  • Worshippers can register individually or as a family, on a monthly basis. To enable as many families as possible, including children and youth, to participate every week, registration by DSGs/ block-booking/ monthly advance reservations will not be possible

  • Each registration entry is limited to 6 persons (inclusive self and family), and an additional 2 slots for extended family members/ relatives/ friends

  • Worshippers may register for a maximum of one Sunday Service per month (either English or Mandarin)

  • Kindly register as early as possible, and latest by 12noon on the Wednesday preceding the Sunday Service

  • Registration is an intent to attend the service at the date and time requested. Registration will only be confirmed after you receive a WhatsApp message from the Church Office. Should you not receive any notification by Friday evening, kindly contact the number below

  • Confirmation of the requested date and timeslot by the Church Office is required, before worshippers  attend Services

  • Agape MC reserves the right to re-allocate date and timeslots. Registrants will be updated accordingly

Contact Ms Elaine Tan for further information at 6265 3211, via direct call or a WhatsApp message.
(Kindly do not WhatsApp voice call this number, as your call might be missed)


Sunday Service Guidelines

  • Worshippers are to ensure they receive confirmation of their date and timeslot, before attending Sunday Service

  • All Sunday Services will be held at Hall 3, and will be live-streamed for worshippers not on-site

  • Worshippers are advised not to congregate before or after services

  • SafeEntry and Temperature taking will be required before entry to services 
    (note: SafeEntry is required for both 'The Agape' building and 'Agape Methodist Church' on Level 2. Temperature taking will be at Level 1)

  • Kindly arrive for services a maximum of 15 minutes before service begins
    (worshippers who come earlier will be requested to exit and re-enter later)

  • Kindly follow all directional signs, instructions and ushers' directions

  • Seating will be in groups of 5 (free-seating), with social distancing measures enforced

  • Worshippers will be required to don their face masks throughout the service

  • There will be no 'live' singing; worshippers may sing 'from the heart', and through meditation. 
    There will, however, be a live worship team leading worship at Hall 1 and live-streamed to Hall 3 and online

  • All services (including Holy Communion) will have a one-hour limit

  • Holy Communion will be served weekly, and is to be partaken at the individual seats of worshippers (further instructions will be announced at each service)

  • Preachers and the worship team will be located in a separate Hall (Hall 1). This Hall is off limits to others at all times

  • There will be no refreshments served on Sundays

  • Worshippers are requested to leave immediately after service is over, and not to stay on to meet others. This is to avoid cross-mingling between services

  • All venues will be disinfected between services

  • Children Ministry and Youth Ministry will remain physically suspended, and will continue to be conducted online according to the schedule below. Children and youths are encouraged to join their parents for on-site services, or view the live-stream weekly

Children Ministry (via Zoom)

Every Saturday, 10.30am - 11.45am (P3 - P6)

Every 2nd Sunday, 9.30am - 10.30am (K1 - K2, P1 - P2)

(Bible lessons will be sent via WhatsApp for the other 3 Sundays)

Youth Ministry

* note: YM sessions online are being reviewed for August 2020 onwards.
Updates will be posted very soon. 

YM Zoom Fellowship every 2nd and 4th Sunday, 11.00am - 12.30pm

Youth DGs via Zoom weekly/ fortnightly (DGs: Sec 1 and 2, Sec 3 and 4, Tertiary 1, Tertiary 2, Transition)

Click here to view MCCY advisory