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The Hmong People in North-East Myanmar

Agape has been partnering with the "Christian Renewal Mission" to support the ministry among the Hmong (Miao 苗族) in Myanmar since 2014. Most Hmong are subsistence farmers who are poor and have low levels of education. Since the ministry started in 1998, thousands of Hmong have come to know the Lord.


Before the military coup, Agape sent a mission team to Myanmar yearly to help with their children's ministry and gospel outreach. We also support 8 Hmong pastors, including the principal of the Hmong seminary in North-East Myanmar.

Giving Agape's support to the Pastor in-charge

Praying for the Wang Gua, the Principal of the Hmong seminary

Having fun with the Hmong children in the village

The villages welcome us

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More about the Eight Hmong Pastors

All these pastors are currently living in war zone areas as Myanmar continues having civil war, especially in the Northern part of the countries. Please keep them in your prayer! 

Click on each of the profile picture to read June 2023's prayer updates in Chinese.

Reverend Wang Gua planted a Hmong church in the mountainous area of North-East Myanmar. To train up more workers, Pastor Wang started a seminary and became the principal of the school.


Tao Zhi Ming and Wang Ma Li planted and pastor a church in Bang Wu. They traveled frequently to the neighbouring village to share the gospel to both the Hmong and people from other ethnicity.

Despite being a widow, Yang San runs a small student center in Xing Wu and take in orphans and children from very poor families. She also planted a church in the student center compound. 

Xin Huai pastor a Hmong church in Gun Nong Ling Village. Xin Huai and his wife conduct 2 prayer meetings and a worship service every Sunday.

Wang Cheng and Yang Xin Mai pastor a church in the border of Myanmar and China. Wang Cheng travels regularly from village to village to preach the gospel and to encourage believers in other Hmong villages. 

Yang Jin Cai serves in Bang Wa Village. Jin Cai and his wife conduct prayer meetings and a worship service every Sunday. He also reaches out to the Chinese living in his area. 

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