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Last Local Conference 2020

24 August 2020

To: Members of the Local Conference

      Agape Methodist Church



The Last Local Conference of Agape Methodist Church is scheduled on Tuesday, 8 September 2020, at 7.30pm, via Zoom. It will be presided by Rev Dr Chiang Ming Shun, our TRAC District Superintendent (District 3). 


The Zoom session will open at 7.15pm. You are encouraged to sign in on time. 




1. Devotion & Prayer: Rev Dr Chiang Ming Shun (District Superintendent, District 3)

2. Apologies, if any, to be recorded

3. Confirmation and Adoption of Minutes of:

3.1 The First Local Conference held on 18 January 2020

3.2 The Special Local Conference held on 21 July 2020

4. Matters Arising from the Minutes of:

4.1 The First Local Conference 

4.2 The Special Local Conference

5. Reports from: 

(i) Pastor-in-Charge

(ii) Local Preachers

(iii) Lay Leader

(iv) LCEC Chairman

(v) Committee Chairpersons & Ministry Heads

6. Statement of Accounts for Financial Year 2019/2020

7. Budget for Financial Year 2020/2021

8. Adoption of Papers

8.1 Human Resource Policy

8.2 Code of Conduct

8.3 Risk Management Policy

9. Nominations & Elections 

10. Conflict of Interest Declaration of LCEC members & staff 

11. Renewal of Local Preachers' Licence

12. Any Other Business

13. Closing Prayer




Yours in Christ, 


Rev Nga Mee Hee


+65 6265 3211


21 Yung Ho Road,

#03-03 The Agape

Singapore 618593


(Rev Dr Chiu Ming Li):

+65 9822 2414

Lay Executive Staff / Discipleship and Youth

(Mr Christopher Chong):

+65 9636 4293

Sunday Worship Services

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The Agape

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