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华文崇拜会 (录影)

爱加倍卫理公会 崇拜会录影(华语): 14 .04. 2024
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English Worship Service (Recorded) 

Discussion Questions for 14 April sermon


1) "To repent means to acknowledge that we had been looking for goodness in the wrong places, and to adjust our gaze to where true goodness is." Do you agree with this definition of repentance? Discuss.

2) "God has unattainably high standards for our moral conduct, but will still embrace and love us no matter how far we fall from those standards." Do you agree with this statement? Discuss.

3) Are there times when we feel we have no choice but to compromise on our values? Do you think God would have intervened if we had stuck to our principles?


The seed planted in the 1980s by Faith Methodist Church (FMC) as a grassroots ministry bore fruit as a church 25 years later.  Though the growing process, from taking roots to bearing fruits, had not been smooth and easy, God had been faithful.

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