Our Services

English Service


The English Service comprises youths, young adults and adults. We run a contemporary service based around the liturgical calendar for the year.

The service is held every Sunday (except first Sundays) at Hall 1, The Agape, from 9.30am.

Youth Ministry



The Youth Ministry of Agape Methodist Church caters to youths aged 13-22. Youth Ministry happens every Sunday afternoon, after English Services, and offers biblical instruction and teachings, as well as contemporary issues in youth culture. Youth Disciple Groups (DGs) also take place during this time and during weekdays (for tertiary groups).

Youth Ministry is held every Sunday at Hall 1, The Agape, from 11.40am to 2.30pm.

Youth Ministry also runs a blog with regular updates.
Do visit Youth Happenings to find out more!

Inter-generational and
Holy Communion Combined Service



Held every first Sunday of the month, the Inter-generational and Holy Communion combined service brings together all members and attendees of Agape Methodist Church, across the ages.
As we celebrate together, we are reminded of Christ's call to us for "one body" (Eph 4:4) in the faith. 

The service is held every first Sunday at Hall 1, The Agape, from 9.30am.

Mandarin Service



The Mandarin Service caters to Mandarin-speaking youths, young adults and adults. The Mandarin Ministry also offers teaching and discipleship sessions, as well as Discipling Small Groups (DSGs), held in Mandarin. 

The service is held every Sunday at Hall 3, The Agape, from 9.30am.

Children Ministry



Children Ministry takes place every Sunday, where toddlers to children aged 12 are led in curriculum which builds basic biblical foundations as well as encourages holistic growth of the child. There are also various themed-activities that happen throughout the year, so do visit one!

The service is held every Sunday at Hall 2, The Agape, from 9.30am.

Contact us

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Sunday Worship Services

21 Yung Ho Road,

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