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An Unchanging God


Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. (Hebrews 13:8)



Throughout the Bible, we see so many examples of a faithful God leading His people out of so many calamities. Noah when the flood came, and Daniel with his friends in the furnace are some examples. This same God told the Israelites wandering in exile not to fear as He was with them (Isaiah 41:13).




Today, we read anxiously about the latest news regarding the spread of Covid-19, bracing ourselves for a potential 2nd lockdown, which seems likely. We ask ourselves when this will end and why the routines in our lives keep changing. Though it may be a stretch to compare our isolation (if it happens) with the Israelites in exile, we can seek comfort in the knowledge that we have an unchanging God, as Hebrews reminds us. Let us cling on to our unchanging God, regardless of the incoming changes. Let us not point fingers to find people to blame (common in the history of pandemics) or resist government efforts to contain the virus. Instead, help encourage people around us to cling to Jesus and remind one another of His steadfast love.



Jesus, we praise you for you are. An unchanging God! We thank you for delivering us many times, and that it won't be any different this time. We pray for those in the world suffering from the pandemic. Families who have lost loved ones. We pray for healthcare workers fighting to keep people alive. We pray for those whose jobs may be affected by the ongoing changes. We also pray for all of us, who may lose faith in and drift from you, in times when we may not be able to gather physically as a church. Keep us tight, Jesus, and help us turn our eyes upon you.

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