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Carrying the Cross


And whoever does not carry their cross and follow me cannot be my disciple. (Luke 14:27)



What might this "cross" be referring to? In the past, going to church was probably the "cross" I was convinced I needed to carry to be a follower of Christ. After all, with so many life commitments, it is a sacrifice on my part. Oh boy, how wrong I was, as I came to know more about Jesus Christ and his nature. It got me to think more deeply: what does carrying the cross really mean?




The answer is not far if we look to Christ. This is why our church believes (as is in our theme) it is in our best interests to know Christ and to make Him known. Jesus models the way we should live and we are often amazed (and delivered) by the love He displays. He wants us to carry the cross in all aspects of our lives. In our relationship with others, just as He did, we are to love difficult people (and we belong in this group as well), to be patient, to have compassion and mercy. There is a lot more to what carrying the cross truly means. To figure that out as we journey in our lives, it is a good start to just yearn to know about Jesus Christ, our saviour.




Jesus, we thank you for loving us, though we are wretched. We want to follow you and be your disciple, to show the kind of love that we have experienced from you. Teach us to trust in your ways and in the provision of the Holy Spirit abiding in us, so that we may carry the cross, not out of obligation but of genuine love for you. We pray for this in your name. Amen.

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