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To Disciple One Another Towards Christlikeness

The Discipleship and Nurture (D&N) ministry journeys with and supports our congregation members in their personal spiritual growth. We recognize that spiritual growth is a life-long journey of faith that needs “traveling” companions, resources, and other relevant avenues to continue spiritual development as well as supporting one another as disciples of Christ.


Some D&N initiatives:

  • Coordinating discipleship mentoring for new believers and members, facilitating induction into Small Group life

  • Discipleship classes, workshops & talks

  • Small Group curriculum for daily podcast and weekly sermon discussions which encourages reflection and application

  • Resource and curriculum repository for Small Groups discipleship

  • Books and articles recommendations for personal discipleship - Click 'Christian Resources' for details

  • Christian education opportunities beyond the church - Click 'Equipping Courses' for details

  • Bite-sized digestion of God’s word (Scripture . Observation . Application . Prayer) - Click 'S.O.A.P.' for details

A wide range of Christian resources is provided to help you grow in Christlikeness and to support your discipleship journey. The range of resources caters to Christians of all stages of spiritual maturity.

Start Exploring now! Click any one of the following:


S.O.A.P. Reflections


Book Synopsis / Studies

Useful Websites

Equipping Courses

Please contact Mr Chris Chong at for details.

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The Agape Youth Ministry (AYM) is the youth-focused arm of the church. We guide and share with our youths, aged 13 -21 years old, to know and discover God, to cultivate and mature in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. 


Prayer Ministry encourages individuals to commune with God either individually or as a group. Opportunities to praying for each other are always present. Avenues to seek prayer support are available to all.


Your personal devotion companion as you journey daily with God.

Prayerfully listen to the Podcast by Rev Dr Chiu Ming Li, and allow the leading of the Holy Spirit in your life.

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