Christian REsources

A wide range of Christian resources to help you grow into Christlikeness.

You will find a wide range of Christian resources, including information on training courses, bible studies, multimedia resources, and readings on contemporary issues, focus on helping you to grow into Christlikeness.

You can find something that suits your needs regardless of where you may be in your discipleship or spiritual journey. The range of resources caters to Christians of all stages of spiritual maturity. 


Useful Websites





"Study Gateway gives churches, small group leaders, and individuals instant access to the world's best video Bible Studies."

extracted from Study Gateway's website, 'How it Works')

"... articles and videos on all the issues – work, studies, relationships and more – a youth or young adult will grapple with at the intersection of faith and life."

(extracted from THIR.ST website, 'About THIR.ST')

"Salt&Light is a gathering place for Christians to unite in spirit and purpose to see God in the 9-to-5, to influence and to impact, to find meaning in the mundane, to wrestle with doubt and despair in faith – and find amazing grace for the journey ahead."

(extracted from Salt&Light website, 'About Salt & Light')

"YMI (which stands for Why Am I?), is a platform for Christian young people all over the world to ask questions about life and discover their true purpose. We are a community with different talents but the same desire to make sense of God’s life-changing word in our everyday lives."

(extracted from YMI website, 'About Us')

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