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Glorifying God Even in The Midst of Pain


Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. (Psalm 63:3)



David wrote this psalm when he was struggling in the desert of Judah. In the midst of his pain and trial, he chose to seek after God. He remembered God's power and steadfast love, and has renewed faith as this love is greater than life. Life is fleeting and fades, like a candle in the wind, yet God's loving kindness endures forever, even after our lives end.


Recently, in sermons and podcasts, we hear of how suffering is necessary when following God. Yet, it's hard to make sense of suffering sometimes, especially when it involves loved ones, and the seeming injustice when it happens to the best of us. But here, we see that we can glorify God even in the midst of pain, as He has already given us something better, freedom from sin and eternal life (Romans 6:22).



Dear Heavenly father, many of us may face difficult situations now, having despair, not seeing hope. We pray for these people, in that they find hope in you, and the victory in what you have already given to us. We ask of you to shower us with peace amidst our circumstances, and help us thirst for you even during these times. Amen.

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