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Loving Your Enemies


Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, and do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles; (Proverbs 24:17)


I read recently an account in the past of how the U.S. used billions of dollars worth of weapons, killing hundreds of Iraqis, in exchange for 6 American lives (3 finally as it turned out). I do not question a country's right to defend their citizens by force, but wonder how God feels? Does God love Iraqis less? Does the end justify the means?


The verse sheds light on how we should love our enemies. Thinking from a parent's point of view, it makes sense, in the case of fighting siblings. No matter how much we dislike our siblings sometimes and fight, we still love them. Parents will never want to see their children fall out, no matter how wrong each one is. It must be heart-wrenching for God to see war on earth, as he loves us all equally as his children. I may find it a struggle to love my enemies, to treat them kindly, to not gloat when they suffer. Can I though, for my love for God, do it, if I can't bear to have him suffer from our fighting?



Jesus. Forgive us for not applying the love you taught us, even through your death. You are willing to die for our sins, so help us to exhibit a fraction of that love to be kind to our enemies, to see that they are your children too, created in your image, loved by you. To hurt my enemies is to hurt your children as well. Help me to love them, like how I would love my sibling.

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