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The Manobo People in the Philippines

Jorge and Retchie are YWAM missionaries who serve under Global Frontier Missions doing church planting work with the Manobo people. The couple travelled up the dirt road full of mud and potholes with their motorbikes weekly to serve a Manobo community.

After many years of preaching and evangelism, the Manobo village has a small church of 30 to 40 people, a children's ministry and small groups.

The Manobo tribe who are inhabitants of the island of Mindanao in the Philippines are a group of people speaking one of the languages that belong to the Manobo language family.

Jorge and Retchie reached out to those who live in the mountain of Bukidnon. These villages have no proper road to towns. Without easy access to resources, they are generally poorer and less literate. However, they are warm, friendly and are very open to the gospel. 

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Join us...

For a short trip to support Jorge and Retchie and also to serve the Manobo adults and children.

It will be one of the most meaningful times of your life.

I went to the Manobo village to help Jorge and Retchie in May 2023. It was a very fulfilling trip to be able to teach people who are so eager to learn the Bible. We have men who came after a tiring day of farming, mothers with babies as young as 1 month old attending the class and participating actively.



In my last trip to the Manobo village, I participated in the Children's ministry where we played and shared God's word with the children. It was truly a great time interacting with the kids, despite our language barrier. Through observing the love of the missionaries towards the villagers, it spurs me to pray for the villager's salvation even when I am back in Singapore. 

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